Omnitek Telecommunication LTD.In September 2005, the world’s first gigabit wireless backbone was completed in Istanbul, Turkey. The OmniLink backbone was constructed by Omnitek

Omnitek’s commitment to providing the best communications options to customers in their region led them to explore Enhaced Free Space Optical (E/FSO) wireless. In the past eight years, Omnitek established over 300 different customer applications utilizing optical wireless technology. During that time, Omnitek gained confidence and proficiency in the technology and came to appreciate its reliability and flexibility. Delivering reliable high-bandwidth connections quickly and cost-effectively earned Omnitek a solid reputation as a company capable of using the latest technologies to provide first-class communications. After perfecting delivery of enterprise connections, Omnitek’s experience with optical wireless led them to realize that these systems were ideal for building a competitive wireless backbone from which they could deliver a suite of high-speed services.

Omnitek alsoprovides individual units, turnkey solutions as well as comprehensive consultancy services to understandand solve your needs through best of breed-integrated solutions.

Omnitek provides over 30 years of combined experience in the fields of IP networks, wired and wireless connectivity solutions (E/FSO Laser Transmission Systems, Carrier Grade RF Solutions and etc) , data center, security, surveillance and integration. With a diverse background and internationally experienced team Omnitek is able to manage large projects and provide ongoingsupport and maintenance services with dedicated internationally certified personnel.

Omnitek also provides a custom designed security solution based on the intruders profile. This profilemight be as trivial as bored teenagers to as complex as special military forces. Omnitek providesfull spectrum ranging from volume, mass displacement detectors, IP cameras toaudio detection and protection. Omnitek creates solutions which address both external and internal intruders.