It is a technology providing Full Duplex communication from point to point up to 6 km via laser (E/FSO) and 100 Mbps and 2.5 Gpbs and 10 Gpbs Ethernet speed in all weather conditions. It is a wireless communication solution with high speed and security features preferred particularly in locations where fiber optic cabling is hard and expensive and for intra-city communication. Its usage is subject to legal permission.



It is a solution providing communication between points via RF (Radio Frequency) and it is possible to provide communication upto 1000Mpbs speed according to the frequency range used in 2.4 and 5GHz frequency bands. Although 2.4 GHz links, which have the price advantage among the wireless solutions, are used a lot, it is advised for being used particularly in inside of the building and campus applications. 5 GHz links of this class shows the performance expected in point to point applications.



It is a perimeter security system to be provided via pipes filled with special liquid that are buried under ground and not detectable instead of the ordinary wire fence security walls. It can be used jointly with the known wire fence protection system and also separately. It can’t be detected of its buried location by any detecting device or method and therefore it is not possible to deactivate it.

SCRa-1 SCRa-2 SCRa-3


It is an application informing the advertising person or entity about the special designed advertisement banners, web pages and as to which shelf the product shall be put depending on the statistical data acquired via looks of the people.
It is an application accumulating the looks of the people are over the looked picture respectively and reporting the behaviors of the consumers of which most of the time event the consumers themselves are not aware of and using thereof in many issues such as trying the new product launch and web pages in order to find out the usage problems before they are being published/broadcasted.